Why Reform the SCSU?

Over the past several years, our SCSU has had to endure the effects of evidence-less rhetoric and the over politicization of student identities through needless campaigns, resulting in the loss of autonomy when making decisions by Union members. External organizations, like the Canadian Federation of Students continue to interfere with how we interpret our Constitution and Bylaws, Policies, and Campaigns by coercing our directors with potential career opportunities, personal gains, and non-academic ideologies.

This culture of losing autonomy and dissuading student beliefs, opinions, and thoughts and shutting down attempts which promote collectivist identities here at UTSC has manifested in voter apathy. This implicit exclusion of the student body leaves a narrow, self-serving pool of ideas and agents of power in our Union, and this is what we hope to reform.

The student body contributes financially to the SCSU, an amount of ~$82.00/student/year (~$1,107,000); however, only a small minority benefit from the services they provide and the campaigns they promote. This, again, is a consequence of the narrow cluster of ideas and opinions that currently operate within our union.

By caring enough to reform, you will be helping to change the culture of our SCSU. Cultures can change, but only with the participation of individuals with collectivist ideals. This is not as daunting a task as one might have come to believe

Zero Accountability

SCSU Executives as well as Board Members are not held accountable to the students. No action plans are presented to the student body, and any promises made during the elections are enforced on good faith alone.

No Transparency

Currently, any updates from both SCSU Executives and Board Members on their milestones and endeavors are not available to the general public. Budgets are kept secret, there is no providing open feedback to student inquiries, nor being upfront about issues.

No Substance

The SCSU has plenty of potential to bring massive benefits to the students of UTSC. That said, there are lots of amendments that need to be made, to ensure the ability and consistency of the SCSU is optimized. The ideas and opinions of Students must be included in all Union dialogues.