2018: Bylaw and Not-For-Profit Corporations Act Violations


On September 27, 2018 the SCSU had their monthly Board of Directors meeting in which an emergency motion was moved and voted on by the directors. The motion sought to reinstate a former Departmental Director who, prior to this meeting, had abandoned their office as per the conditions outlined in the SCSU Bylaws. The contents of this motion and the proceedings that followed are found to be illegal under both the SCSU Bylaws and the Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act. This complaint package seeks to inform and substantiate the illegality of both the motion and the vote that occurred at the Board of Directors meeting to the University of Toronto CRCSS and the Members of the SCSU. The SCSU has refused to make this concern a priority, thereby permitting the reinstated director to hold office illegally. The revelations which follow warrant that the SCSU immediately rescind their vote, inform the members of their mistake in detail, and proceed forward with lawfulness, transparency, and integrity.

The Formal Complaint to the University of Toronto CRCSS

The Accompanying Audio File

What follows is the audio file for the relevant portions of the September 27th, 2018 Scheduled Board of Directors Meeting that is made reference to and cited in the above document.

SCSU Elections 2018: What Happened?


The SCSU Executives had a disagreement and believed that they were above the rule of law, thinking they could smear each other with accusations of corruption. But, during this episode, a group of highly intellectual students on our campus began to assess the Board of Director Packages and the SCSU Constitution and Bylaws, and ultimately uncovered blatant violations made by 12 Departmental Directors and 2 Executives. Most were held accountable; however, excuses were made to protect friends and to prevent further controversy.

Below are the letters sent to the President and Vice Presidents over the course of the Winter 2018 Semester. These explicitly state and reference the violations of our past elected representatives.

The Constitution & Bylaw Violations

The Full Story

We are currently working with our resident journalists to provide you with a highly detailed account of the events that happened during the 2018 SCSU Elections, including timestamps, article links, videos, images, interviews, etc.


"Freeze SCSU Elections!" - Jan. 22, 2018 2:26AM

White Privilege? UTSC 2017

Coming to a Blockbuster Near You!

This section will describe the blatant episodes of SCSU supported racist propaganda which was propagated during the Fall 2017 semester.


The Petition: UTSC Students Respond

Below is the petition that was signed by ~300 students for the SCSU

Anti-Racism Petition: The Students Respond! Sep. 28, 2017