The Students Are Not Being Represented

There are many issues regarding the conduct of the Scarborough Campus' Students Union which must be reformed. The flagrant violations of our Constitution and Bylaws demands for there to be justice in enforcing and maintaining the democratic integrity of the Union. 

We are the official opposition to corruption!

What is SCU Reform?

Active Campaigns & Reports

SCSU Budget Transparency

The student body deserves to know exactly how it's levy money is being spent!

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Violations of SCSU Bylaws and Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

 A Formal Complaint to the University of Toronto Complaint and Resolution Council for Student Societies (CRCSS) Regarding the Scarborough Campus’ Students Union (SCSU) 

SCSU Fall 2018 AGM

Motions being presented on behalf of the SCU Reform to better the Union

National Flag of Canada Policy

The SCSU should install the Canadian Flag in our Student Center office and implement an issues policy reflecting our commitment to making a better Canada.


We must protest against ideas which are in power and wasting away all our resources and destroying the spirit of campus life in the name of self-righteous political correctness; thereby causing stupidity, irrationality, and fear to become the norm.

Frosh 2018: Maggots in the Food!

Does the title really need any more explication...

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